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3 Things To Restore With Dental Implants

  • August 9, 2016
  • Dental implants are absolutely incredible.

    We aren’t just saying this. We are basing it on the many patients who have benefitted from this service at our dentist offices in Hagerstown, Frederick, and Ellicott City, MD.

    What’s so great about prosthetic roots of teeth? We will tell you in a moment.

    Just know that there are some good reasons implants have been considered a game-changing development in restorative dentistry.

    We are happy to provide them to any patient at our three Gilbart Dental Care locations. To keep it simple, we will focus on three important things that we can restore with dental implants.

    ★ Restore Your Bite

    Your teeth are individual units. Each has a job and a function, but they work as a unit to the most effective job of securing, cutting, and breaking down your food.

    That may be an overly technical description of eating, but it’s accurate.

    Each tooth has a purpose, but your teeth work better when they work together. That’s hard to do if you are missing one, three, or all your teeth.

    You may not see your roots, but they play a vital role in your bite as well. Your roots are anchored in your jawbone, which provides a solid foundation, so you can generate more than enough bite force to eat a hamburger, bite into an apple, or chow down on some delicious buttery corn on the cob.

    A person with traditional dentures does not have the support of roots or a root replacement. This is why a person with dentures may only get up to one-fourth of his or her original bite force back. We wouldn’t recommend biting into an apple in that situation.

    With implant-dentures, you can get back close to all of your original bite force. Dental implants are placed in your jawbone (like your roots). As your jaw heals, the bone grows around your implants holds them in place (like your roots). As a result of this, your dentures are more stable and secure, and you can bite almost as well as you could when you had all your teeth.

    ★ Restore Your Smile

    A lot of things can affect your smile. We would probably put “lack of teeth” at the top of our list.

    When people ask you to say cheese before a picture, it’s because they want to see your pearly whites in the photo. That’s hard to do when you are missing teeth.

    The absence of teeth can distract others, and it may change how you smile.

    Instead of grinning ear-to-ear, you may keep your lips firmly pressed together.

    This may be passable, but it’s not quite the same as a smile with teeth in it.

    If you want to get your old smile back (or possibly a better one), dental implants can be part of the solution.

    We mentioned above that dental implants can be used to support a set of dentures. Modern dentures can be made with materials that looking remarkably similar to real teeth.

    The same is true for dental bridges. You may need one implant or multiple implants depending on how many of your teeth need to be replaced.

    Even missing one tooth can change your smile. Think about when children lose their teeth. The difference when you lose a tooth as an adult is you aren’t going to grow another one to replace it. (And the tooth fairy doesn’t seem to care about adult teeth, either.)

    ★ Restore Your Confidence

    This isn’t as easy to quantify, but it’s something we have seen over and over again.

    No two people react exactly the same to losing teeth, but it’s not unusual for patients to feel a little embarrassed or ashamed.

    We aren’t saying that to make anyone feel bad. We aren’t judging anyone. We want to help you feel better about your smile, which we have observed often helps people feel more confident as well.

    We’ve seen patients become overcome with emotion when they see their new smiles for the first time. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a moment that our team is proud to have a part in making happen.

    Could Dental Implants Help You Or Someone You Care About?

    Start by scheduling a consultation at any of our three Gilbart Dental Care locations in Maryland. You can reach our dentists by contacting the office closest to you by phone or by filling out our online form.

    We look forward to answering your questions, and we look forward to helping you regain those things that you have lost.

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