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5 Huge Advantages of Having Straight Teeth

  • August 18, 2017
  • We all know that straight teeth look great. That’s why your friends at our Frederick MD dental office and Hagerstown MD dental office have many services that can help you achieve a healthier, straighten smile.

    Gilbart Dental is designed as a one-stop shop for patients with any dental complications. That means using the best technology to keep your mouth free of decay and providing advanced orthodontic services. We provide traditional braces and even the clear orthodontic issue called Invisalign. You can call our offices today, Frederick location (240-513-7523) or the Hagerstown location (240-347-0910).

    Before that first visit, check out these five advantages of having straight teeth. You’ll learn that straight teeth help more than your appearance.

    1. Straight teeth look great

    When it comes to making a great first impression, the teeth are everything. Studies have shown that people are more likely to notice your teeth first before your hair or even the clothes you’re wearing. When you have straight teeth, you’ll make a great first impression for strangers. Straight teeth also make you feel less self-conscious, which may be the boost you need to grow personally and professionally.

    2. Straight teeth can make your mouth healthier

    What is more at risk of decay and problems, crooked teeth or straight teeth? Crooked teeth are a much higher risk of getting attacked by cavities, and you’re at less of a risk of gum disease (crooked teeth, especially, can increase your risk of gum disease). This is because plaque and harmful bacteria love to hid in hard-to-reach places. If you have straight teeth, this plaque and bacteria have fewer places to hid. Your mouth is easier to clean, as your toothbrush can reach more corners of the tooth.

    3. Straight teeth can give your clearer speech

    The main function of your teeth is chewing foods. But there is more to teeth than just helping us chew and digest our foods. Our teeth help us articulate words. When patients have issues like tooth crowding, misalignment, underbites, narrow arches … it can affect our speech. Straight teeth can help you speak more clearly.

    4. Straight teeth mean less stress in the mouth

    When your teeth do not touch evenly, it puts stress on your teeth and jaw. A good bite should distribute the pressure evenly throughout the mouth. If your bite is off balance, it can create uneven stress on teeth, increasing the chances of breaking or fracturing teeth. People with uneven bites and crooked teeth may also have jaw pains and headaches. Straight teeth and a correct bite can resolve these problems.

    5. Straight teeth are cheaper down the road

    While orthodontic treatments can be a major investment, you’re less likely to have dental problems with straight teeth and a good bite. You’re less likely to have to teeth jaw pains, headaches, cavities, gum disease, etc. The list goes on and on.

    Partner with Gilbart Dental to Correct Crooked Teeth

    There are many more advantages of having straight teeth. Gilbart Dental can help you toward that goal. Give us a call today, Frederick location (240-513-7523) or the Hagerstown location (240-347-0910). Or even easier, request a visit using our online form.


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