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Dental Veneers: Get What Actors Use For An Amazing Smile

  • June 17, 2017
  • It’s tough to feel confident speaking to others when you’re worried about them seeing your smile. If your teeth are stained or damaged, they simply do not look very good. That can sap your confidence, self-esteem, and ability to make good first impressions.

    That’s why you need to call either of our Maryland locations (Frederick at 240-513-7523 or Hagerstown at 240-347-0910) and make an appointment to get dental veneers. Cosmetic dentistry does much more than make your smile good. It helps you feel better about your smile. Our Maryland dentists are well trained and experienced helping improve people’s smiles with what actors use: dental veneers.

    What Are Dental Veneers Used For?

    Your smile is very important. Sure, a great smile can help you feel more confident and self-assured. But don’t forget that you use your smile to communicate to others.

    When you’re happy, you can smile. But the same is true for when you’re nervous, excited, or just trying to put on a brace face. All these show your teeth in slightly different ways. When you’re trying to hide your smile because it doesn’t look right, you’re hurting your ability to communicate.

    This is where dental veneers come into play. They are thin but durable covers for the front of your teeth. After our Maryland dentists take careful measurements, your dental veneers will be shaped to fit your teeth in particular. Once placed, they will transform even a dull, damaged smile into one that makes you want to smile.

    How Actors Started Using Dental Veneers

    Given how people need to look good when filmed, it’s no surprise to learn that dental veneers got their start in the early days of Hollywood.

    When movies were still new, many people had bad teeth. This looked even worse on camera. Actors began experimenting is crude dental veneers that were really just acrylic covers for their teeth. They worked — for about a scene or so. Then these crude veneers would fall off. For a while, dentists never recommended dental veneers.

    That changed after someone took a cue from house painters. To get paint to stick to walls, painters would gently scuff the walls. This provided many tiny grooves and nooks for the paint to grab onto. Dentists began doing that carefully to enamel, and then the dental veneers would stick. Today, your dental veneers should last about 10 years.

    Then dentists changed materials, leaving acrylic behind and using porcelain or porcelain-like resin. That helps dental veneers look very much like healthy enamel.

    Dental Veneers Benefits

    Here are some of the biggest benefits you can enjoy by getting dental veneers from our Maryland dentists.


    Despite having had braces years ago, your teeth can now have small gaps between them. That’s because you tear and crush up food repeatedly every day. That much pressure over time will nudge your teeth apart until people can see dark gaps in your smile.

    Thankfully, our Maryland dentists can make sure your dental veneers are made just a bit bigger in places. These can cover those small gaps, making your smile look like you just finished orthodontic treatment.


    After drinking coffee, tea, and wine for so many years, it’s easy to have teeth that are now dark or even brownish. Eating dark foods like chocolate and tomato sauce will just make that worse, as will tobacco use. That’s why so many people end up having stains and discolorations at this age.

    By calling Gilbart Dental Care today, you can get a dental veneers procedure that will cover over all those stains. Even if you have deep stains that teeth whitening cannot lift, dental veneers will make your smile look bright and healthy.


    Over the years, it’s not hard to collect some damage to your teeth. Even if they don’t hurt, chips and cracks tend to get worse as you get older. That’s because you have to keep using those damaged teeth to chew and eat.

    When you get dental veneers from our Maryland dentists, you can seal up those damaged spots. Not only will they be hidden just like stains, this prevents the damage from growing any worse.

    Call either of our Maryland locations (Frederick at 240-513-7523 or Hagerstown at 240-347-0910) to schedule your next appointment for dental veneers.

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