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Get Freedom from Dentures with Dental Implants

  • July 1, 2018
  • This week, we all celebrate Independence Day! It’s a time to reflect on the sacrifices made for our freedom. It’s a time to join with our family and friends for feasting, festivities, and fireworks! How are you celebrating this Fourth of July? Chances are, if you have dentures, you won’t be able to fully appreciate your BBQ or picnic. Dentures are a good tooth replacement option, but they have limitations.

    This holiday, it’s time to get freedom from dentures with dental implants at Gilbart Dental Care. Implants act and look like real teeth, so you can regain your natural right to smile, eat, and laugh like anyone else.

    To see how implants can completely restore your smile, call 240-513-7523 for our Frederick dentist office or 240-347-0910 for our Hagerstown dentist office.

    Enjoy Freedom to Eat What You Want

    One of the biggest problems we hear from people with dentures is that they can’t eat what they used to enjoy. This makes regular meals a hassle. It also makes eating with others a risk.

    Any time you go out, you have to decide what you want to eat on the menu. If you’re invited over to a friend’s or family members for a meal – perhaps like this week’s Fourth of July feast – you have to wonder if you’ll be able to eat anything being served. After all, dentures can move around or even come out if you don’t choose wisely. That’s the last thing you want to think about when you’re in the company of others.

    Get freedom from thinking about your food. Get freedom from worrying whether your teeth will fall out if you simply want to enjoy corn on the cob. With dental implants, Dr. Jonathan or Dr. Lucy can help you regain this simple freedom that many take for granted.

    Dental implants:

    • Slow jawbone loss that occurs after losing teeth, so you have the support required to chew hard, chewy, or crunchy foods – just like you did when you had all your teeth!
    • Let you eat what you want without worrying your teeth will move around.
    • Don’t require applying adhesives before meals – your implants will stay put.
    • Give you the freedom to pick whatever you want without thinking about it first.

    What would you give to chew your BBQ chicken without cutting it into tiny, bite-sized pieces? Come in for a consultation and start enjoying your food again soon. In most cases, we do the entire implant planning, placement, and restoration process all in our office!

    Enjoy Freedom to Smile, Laugh, and Sing!

    Our patients who have received dentures at our office compliment us on how lifelike they look. We take pride in providing teeth that look and feel as real as possible.

    That said, dentures attached to implants are even more realistic looking. Your implants will not show through, so all people will notice is a beautiful set of teeth when you smile! The same is true if you get dental crowns or dental bridges attached to your implants.

    Because your teeth can’t come off your implants, you can:

    • Smile wide around people without feeling self-conscious.
    • Flash your grin for the camera at next year’s Fourth of July gathering without a second thought.
    • Stop covering your mouth when you speak to people.
    • Sing without having to worry your teeth will come out.
    • Be understood in conversations because your teeth won’t slip when you speak.
    • Laugh freely with your family when they’re sharing funny stories or telling jokes.

    Enjoy Freedom to Live without Discomfort

    It’s normal to experience discomfort when getting a new set of dentures. Even if they’re made as well as ours, they can take some time to get used to. For some, this discomfort goes away within a couple of weeks.

    However, dentures can cause pain if they aren’t fitted correctly or when they need to be replaced. This can include sores and gum irritation. Dentures can increase your risk for bacteria buildup and gum disease. They can also cause discomfort when you’re eating certain foods.

    Gilbart Dental Care doesn’t want you to feel pain in your mouth. In fact, Dr. Jonathan himself has experienced dental pain, so he knows how distracting it can be.

    Thankfully, dental implants feel like natural teeth. So when you bite down into a crunchy apple, all you’ll be thinking about is how good it tastes!

    It’s Your Right to Live with Lifelike Teeth

    We believe it’s your right to eat without pain and smile without embarrassment. These simple pleasures can be yours again.

    Get freedom from dentures with dental implants. Schedule a consultation at one of our two MD locations. Call 240-513-7523 for our Frederick dentist office or 240-347-0910 for our Hagerstown dentist office. You can also fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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