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Get a Smile Worth Loving with Cosmetic Dentistry

  • February 1, 2018
  • Have you lost that loving feeling ― when it comes to your smile? Life and time take a toll on our teeth. They get chipped, cracked, discolored, worn-down looking. And it’s tough to love how you look when your smile is damaged. After all, it’s the first thing people see when they meet you. It can reflect a confident, positive attitude, or convey feelings of shame and self-consciousness. And this matters for every human interaction you have, whether it’s chit-chat at a party, a first date, or an interview for your dream job.

    At Gilbart Dental Care of Frederick and Hagerstown, MD, our cosmetic dentistry solutions will give you a gorgeous grin that will boost your self-esteem and better reflect who you are on the inside. Call 240-513-7523 or 240-347-0910 to request a consultation.


    Teeth Whitening

    We offer two highly effective whitening systems from Ultradent. Both will give you amazing results, but which you choose will depend on your timeframe and particular needs.

    Whiten at Home

    Our take-home kits are by far the most popular option and the one we recommend to most people. Professional take-home whitening is the best of both worlds: the oversight and effectiveness of a dentist-prescribed product combined with the convenience of whitening at home.

    We will create custom whitening trays that mold to your teeth perfectly, are comfortable to wear, and that provide even coverage of gel (without getting it onto your sensitive gums).

    The gel comes in four different strengths. Which is appropriate for you depends on whether you want to whiten during the day or at night, and how long you want to wear the trays. The carbamide peroxide solution comes in three flavor options (mint, melon, and regular) and contains 20 percent water to prevent dehydration. It is fortified with fluoride and potassium for tooth health.

    You can expect results in two to three weeks. With take-home whitening, you have complete control. When your teeth are a shade you like, you can simply stop treatment.

    Whiten at the Office

    Your wedding’s in a week and you’ve just realized you hate the color of your teeth. Or maybe you’re just an impatient type. If you want immediate results, you’re not out of luck. Our in-office treatment uses a powerful, highly concentrated gel that dramatically whitens your teeth in about forty minutes. The solution is chemically activated, so no uncomfortable lights are involved in the treatment.


    Dental Veneers

    A dental veneer is a thin, tooth-color sheath that is securely bonded to the front of a tooth. You can get a veneer on one tooth or get them on all of your teeth for a truly wow-worthy smile. There’s a reason so many celebrities have perfect-looking grins ― and it’s not exceptional genes!

    The procedure is effective in covering all sorts of imperfections: chips, cracks, gaps, minor alignment issues, and stains, including the type resistant to chemical bleaching.

    Veneers are permanent, as a very small amount of enamel must be removed from the teeth prior to placement. Don’t worry, the process is painless! Once they are bonded, dental veneers look completely natural. They will be precisely matched to your tooth color, and they possess the translucent quality of real enamel.

    At Gilbart Dental Care, we offer traditional porcelain veneers, e.max ceramic veneers, and Lumineers. We will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of each with you.


    Tooth Bonding

    Tooth bonding is often considered a less permanent, less costly option to veneers. In this process, we use a composite dental resin, perfectly matched to the color of your tooth enamel, to cover chips, stains, gaps, and other blemishes. The procedure is fast, generally requiring just one dental visit, and is painless. Unless we are working with a decayed part of the tooth, you probably won’t need anesthesia.

    Once you’ve been prepared for treatment, we will apply the putty-like resin. We will meticulously shape it so it looks natural on the tooth. Once it’s molded to our satisfaction, we’ll harden the material with a special light. We will then make final adjustments to the shape and polish it so that it gleams.


    Other cosmetic procedures you may want to consider are teeth contouring and crown lengthening, Snap-On Smile, and orthodontics. Dr. Lucy is skilled with Invisalign, traditional braces, and short-term orthodontics. She will be happy to evaluate your teeth and discuss which option makes the most sense for your needs.

    To book a cosmetic dentistry consultation at Gilbart Dental Care, fill out our convenient online contact form. Or call either one of our MD locations: Frederick at 240-513-7523 or Hagerstown at 240-347-0910.



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