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Give Dad the Greatest Gift: Better Sleep! [Blog]

  • June 9, 2018
  • Father’s Day is coming up quickly! Have you decided what to get Dad yet? If you’re still trying to find the perfect gift, we have a suggestion for you. The greatest gift you can give Dad for Father’s Day is sleep apnea treatment from Gilbart Dental Care.

    Our treatment with a custom oral appliance will help him feel better and improve his overall health – plus he will snore less! Now that’s a gift the whole household can get behind!

    Call us today to find out more information or to schedule Dad a consultation: 240-513-7523 for our Hagerstown office or 240-347-0910 for our Frederick office.

    Why Snoring Should Never Be Ignored

    Snoring is often one of the first signs of sleep apnea. Although snoring doesn’t always mean sleep apnea, the two will many times go together.

    So, if you hear what sounds like a freight train coming from Dad’s bedroom, it could be a sign that he is suffering from sleep apnea. Your help now could mean a world of difference to his health.

    Sleep Apnea Detailed

    “Apnea” is a Greek word that means “want of breath.” When sleep apnea episodes happen, the sufferer is literally lacking breath due to a blocked airway.

    While sleeping, it is normal for your tongue and other soft tissues in the back of the throat to relax. However, when they drop down too far and block the passage of air, sleep apnea occurs.

    After a few seconds without oxygen, the brain will cause the body to wake up and take in more air. You wake up just enough (usually without realizing it) to take a few normal breaths, then you drift off again – until the next episode of sleep apnea.

    This cycle can repeat itself hundreds of times during the night without any awareness of what’s happening – over 50 times per hour in sufferers with severe sleep apnea!

    All Dad (or anyone with sleep apnea) knows is that he wakes up feeling groggy and unrested, and may be tired and grumpy throughout the day. Plus, others will definitely notice the noisy snoring.

    But that’s not the worst of it, unfortunately…

    Research has shown that sleep apnea has been linked with several other serious health concerns. People with this sleep disorder are at risk for high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and even depression.

    By helping Dad take action now, you could be doing him a huge favor with tremendous health benefits!

    Treatment That Produces Better Sleep For the Entire Family

    That’s where Gilbart Dental Care comes in. Once Dad is officially diagnosed with sleep apnea (usually through a sleep study reviewed by a physician), we will make him a comfortable oral appliance that he wears while sleeping.

    The device will gently push his lower jaw forward enough to keep his tongue and soft tissues from blocking his airway. He will sleep better, wake up feeling better, and snore less (or none at all!).

    Our treatment offers an alternative to a CPAP machine, which is often the first treatment recommended by physicians. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. The machine combats sleep apnea by pumping a steady stream of air to keep the airway open.

    CPAP works well when used properly, however many patients have trouble getting used to the mask or nose piece that must be worn while sleeping. Sometimes they give up on it entirely.

    We offer safe and effective treatment as an alternative to or in addition to CPAP therapy – depending on your circumstances.

    Our custom appliance is comfortable and easy to use. Plus it’s easy to pack along on vacations or overnight trips – as opposed to a bulky CPAP machine.

    Our patients love the device because it helps them get the quality sleep that we all need to function effectively during the day. Plus, family members love it because snoring is dramatically reduced or eliminated altogether. Everyone wins!

    The Father’s Day Gift That Saved Your Dad’s Life

    The first step is for Dad to come in for an initial sleep apnea screening. We will give him an examination and ask him a few questions to understand his situation.

    If it seems like he may be suffering from sleep apnea, we’ll work with him to get further assessment and a diagnosis of his condition.

    This year, give Dad the best gift ever – sleep apnea treatment. And help him snore less at the same time! Schedule a visit for him at one of our two Maryland locations. Call 240-513-7523 for our Frederick office or 240-347-0910 for our Hagerstown office. You can also fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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