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Keeping Up With The Smiths’ Smiles

  • August 25, 2016
  • Meet the Smiths*.

    They have an appointment at the Gilbart Dental Care in Hagerstown, MD, this afternoon to talk about orthodontic treatment for their daughter, Sally.

    Sally knows that she needs braces, and she has been preparing herself mentally for what will happen.

    What Sally doesn’t know is that her dad, Sam, is interested in orthodontic care, too. You see, he had braces when he was a teenager, but his teeth are starting to relapse. That means they are moving back toward their original positions.

    He has noticed it but so far no one has said anything about it. Sam would like to re-straighten his teeth discreetly if at all possible.

    Sally’s Appointment

    Sally is the daughter of her parents. That means she got her dad’s eyes and her mom’s hair.

    She also got her dad’s crooked teeth and her mom’s overbite. She knew that both of her parents had braces when they were her age, but she also thinks that their smiles look great now.

    While she isn’t excited about getting braces, she also knows it’s worth the effort for what her smile will look like when she is finished.

    Sally never mentioned this to her dad, but she is glad they came to Gilbart Dental Care. They have been her family’s dentists for as long as she can remember, and she would prefer to come to a dentist who she already knows instead of one that she has never met.

    During her appointment, the dentist examined her teeth, although they already had a good idea what would need to happen. They had noticed the alignment of her teeth wasn’t as straight as they would like to be when her permanent teeth started replacing her primary teeth.

    The dentist explained that orthodontics aren’t just about making her teeth look nice. She also will be making it easier to keep her teeth healthy by straightening her teeth.

    Straight teeth are easier to clean when Sally brushes and flosses her teeth, according to the dentist. She still needs to do both of those things every day, but by straightening her teeth, she will be making her daily oral hygiene more effective.

    We wouldn’t say this made Sally excited about wearing braces, but it did make her eager to start working on her new smile.

    Sam’s Appointment

    Sally was a bit surprised when her dad asked her to wait in the waiting room when they were finished talking to the dentist.

    Sam had scheduled his consultation during the same visit to save time. He explained what had been happening with his teeth, and he said he had been doing some research into Invisalign®.

    Since he’d worn braces once already, he was hoping he could move his teeth back where he wanted them to be without brackets and wires.

    The dentist examined his mouth and explained that Invisalign would be a great option for Sam. They could scan his teeth and get a series of aligners for him to wear. They said he could be finished in 12 months or less as long as he wore the aligners as directed.

    One of the main reasons Sam wanted to try Invisalign is because he doesn’t really want his co-workers or his clients to know that he is going through orthodontic treatment.

    He is worried that if they saw him wearing braces that they would not take him seriously until he had them removed.

    One of the benefits of Invisalign aligners is that they are made of clean plastic. This makes them virtually invisible when they are on someone’s teeth.

    Sam can wear them, and few if any people will realize that he has them on. This will make meetings with clients (or potential new clients) and work with his co-workers more comfortable for him.

    Which Orthodontic Option Is Right For You?

    Teenagers will continue receiving orthodontic treatment for a long, long time, but it’s become more common for adults to receive orthodontic care as well.

    We’ve seen it at all three of our dentist offices in Ellicott City, Frederick, and Hagerstown, MD. If you are interested in traditional braces, Invisalign, or short-term orthodontics, we welcome you to schedule a consultation at any of our offices.

    You can contact us online or by calling the location that is most convenient for you.

    * The Smiths are a fictional family. Any comparison between their problems and real situations we treat with orthodontics may not be coincidental.

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