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Make Your Smile Like New with Restorative Dentistry

  • January 1, 2018
  • Whether due to decay or a physical injury, a damaged tooth may be unsightly and excruciatingly painful. At Gilbart Dental Care, we offer the procedures you need to restore your tooth’s health and beauty. And if you’re missing one or more teeth, we can make your smile complete again.

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    Tooth-Colored Fillings

    Not so long ago (and at some dental offices even today), if you had a cavity, it would be repaired with a shiny metal filling that contrasted with your natural tooth color and advertised to the world the state of your dental health. These metal, or amalgam, fillings not only look bad, but they may make your teeth more susceptible to fracturing.

    At Gilbart Dental Care, we use tooth-colored composite resin fillings exclusively. A composite resin filling is perfectly matched to the shade of your enamel, so you can’t even see it on your tooth. The material bonds to the tooth’s structure, helping to strengthen and protect it. Composite resin fillings give you a totally natural-looking smile.

    Inlays and Onlays

    Dental inlays and onlays are restorations that repair larger areas of damage than a filling, but that are more conservative than a crown. Unlike standard fillings, inlays and onlays must be custom-crafted at a lab to fit your teeth precisely. Both of these restorations repair damage and strengthen the tooth. Inlays repair the just the center of the chewing surface of a tooth, while onlays are more extensive, covering the tooth’s whole biting surface and/or cusps.

    Dental Crowns

    If you have a badly cracked, decayed, or otherwise damaged tooth, you may need a dental crown. A crown is a restoration that covers the entire tooth. We will take impressions of your tooth and a your crown will be custom made to ensure a precise fit and color match.

    Traditional Dental Bridges

    A bridge is a restoration that will replace one or a few adjacent missing teeth. A conventional bridge is supported by the healthy adjoining teeth. These anchor teeth, called “abutments,” are topped with dental crowns after having a small amount of enamel removed. A false tooth (or teeth) are attached to the crowns to fill in the gap and give you a complete, natural-looking smile.

    Root Canals

    Don’t run away! Root canals have a bad reputation, but there’s really no basis for it. If you need a root canal, you are likely in discomfort and this much-maligned procedure will stop your pain and bring your tooth back to health and functionality. Most patients say the procedure itself is no more unpleasant than getting a filling placed.

    A root canal is necessary when you have an abscess or infection of the tooth pulp. Dr. Jonathan or Dr. Lucy Gilbart will remove all trace of the infection, clean out the dental cavity, and fill it with a special material. You will then require a restoration (typically a crown) to protect the tooth.

    Dental Implants

    If you have one or more more missing teeth, dental implants are the next best thing to the real deal. A dental implant is a replacement tooth root, made of titanium, that’s surgically inserted into your jawbone. As it heals, it fuses with the bone, giving the restoration unparalleled strength and stability. If you have one tooth missing, your implant will be topped with a single dental crown. But if you have many teeth missing, individual implants would be prohibitively expensive. In this case, we can attach a bridge or a denture to just a few strategically placed implants. Dental implants feel and function just like natural teeth. And they help prevent bone loss in the jaw, which is a problem common with conventional bridges and dentures.

    Dental Veneers

    Dental veneers are generally thought of as cosmetic, but they fall into the restorative camp as well, covering cracks, chips, and other minor damage. A veneer is a thin, custom-made shell that is bonded permanently to the front of the tooth. Veneers add strength to the teeth and are more resistant to stains than natural enamel. You can get veneers on just one or a few teeth, or on all of your pearly whites for a supercharged smile.


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