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Orthodontics to Set You Straight

  • July 1, 2017
  • Are you embarrassed to smile due to your imperfect teeth? Maybe you didn’t have the opportunity to get orthodontics when you were younger — or maybe you did and your teeth shifted back. Or perhaps your teenager is in need of braces.

    Whether you are researching orthodontic solutions for yourself or your child, we offer a variety of options for crafting straight smiles. Crooked, crowded, protruding, and misaligned teeth are not only unsightly, they are detrimental to overall oral health. Straight, well-spaced teeth are easier to clean and maintain, which means they are less prone to decay.

    At Gilbart Dental, we can get you on your way to greater confidence and a healthier mouth through orthodontics. We have two convenient Maryland locations. Call us today at our Frederick office at (240) 513-7523 or in Hagerstown at (240) 357-0910.


    Metal Braces Have Come a Long Way

    Traditional braces consist of metal brackets that are cemented to each tooth. A thin archwire links the brackets and over time, moves the teeth into the desired position. Tiny elastics called ligatures or o-rings connect the two other components.

    But don’t fear — these are not the awkward and uncomfortable braces of yore. Today’s metal braces, constructed out of high-grade stainless steel, are lighter and smaller than their old-fashioned counterparts. The brackets and elastics are available in a range of colors.

    If your bite, alignment, or crowding issues are quite severe, traditional braces may be the most effective solution. They typically work their magic over a period of about two years. At Gilbart Dental, we practice progressive orthodontics, a system that offers a wider range of bracket and wire designs. This allows for precisely individualized treatment, which for the patient means better and faster results.

    There are a few things to remember if you and Dr. Gilbart decide metal braces are your most appropriate course of treatment.

    • These braces may require adjustments by the doctor from time to time. It’s very important to keep your follow-up appointments.
    • Sadly, you’ll have to banish some foods from your diet while your braces are in place. Foods that are too chewy can get stuck in the wires and brackets, while extremely hard or crunchy edibles can damage them. We will educate you about what is and what isn’t okay to eat.
    • Of course it’s always important to brush and floss meticulously every day — braces or no braces. But good home oral habits become even more vital when you have orthodontics attached to your teeth. Special brushes are available to make the task easier, and eventually you will become a pro at cleaning those crevices and uneven surfaces.

    Invisalign Straightens Your Smile Invisibly

    Dr. Lucy Gilbart is a preferred provider for Invisalign, a system that’s best for patients with mild to moderate bite or alignment issues.

    If you and Dr. Lucy decide Invisalign makes sense for you, the doctor will take photos and impressions of your teeth. These will be sent to a lab, where a clear alignment tray will be custom-made to fit your mouth. Every couple of weeks, you will receive a new aligner. Over the course of time (usually about a year) the series of aligners will gently shift your teeth into place.

    If you are a good candidate for Invisalign, the system holds several advantages over traditional metal braces.

    • No more metal mouth: Invisalign trays are clear and are designed to be nearly invisible as they work on your teeth. So if you are embarrassed at the idea of having braces, Invisalign could be an excellent option for you.
    • It’s your wedding day . . . or another big occasion: when you have a very important event, you may not want even a discreet device like Invisalign getting in the way of your smile. Happily, the aligners are completely removable for these special moments.
    • No stuck food: because the alignment trays are removed for cleaning, you don’t need special tactics for brushing and flossing your teeth. Just take out the appliance and brush as you always have.
    • Eat what you want: craving a caramel? Go ahead! A crunchy carrot? No worries. Invisalign comes with none of the eating restrictions of old-school braces.  

    Plus: Invisalign trays tend to be more comfortable to wear than metal braces and they do their job in less time. There’s lots to love about Invisalign!

    A Great Smile in a Hurry

    For milder issues, Gilbart Dental offers short-term orthodontic solutions. These accelerated treatment plans may use traditional braces or Invisalign, depending on your particular needs.

    Ready to explore your orthodontic options further at Gilbart Dental? Call us in Frederick at (240) 513-7523 or in Hagerstown at (240) 357-0910 and set up an appointment. Or get in touch with us via our web form.

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