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Put The White Back In Your Smile

  • March 1, 2017
  • You want to improve the appearance of your smile. And why wouldn’t you? Your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you. A white, bright smile can make you a more confident person, and that confidence can affect all areas of your life, from your career to your dating outlook.

    Fortunately for you, teeth whitening is the easiest, least invasive procedure you can use toward achieving that white, bright smile. We can help you create that smile in no time at all.

    Want to know more about teeth whitening?  Here are some questions we hear most commonly.

    Why Do Teeth Change Color?

    Teeth can lose color over time for a variety of reasons:

    Drinking tea, coffee and red wine. These liquids contain chromogens, which are color pigments that attach to your tooth’s enamel, causing your teeth to stain.

    Aging. As we age, the enamel on our teeth starts to thin out. When it does, the soft area underneath, called dentin, starts to show through. Dentin is yellow in color so it can make your teeth look yellowish.

    Tobacco Use. The tar and nicotine in tobacco can put stubborn stains on your teeth.

    Medications. Some medications can cause discoloration of teeth. If you had to take antibiotics like doxycycline or tetracycline when your teeth were just forming, they might have made your teeth look discolored later in life. Antihistamines, antipsychotics, and those given to you for blood pressure maintenance (at any time in your life) can also cause discoloration. Chemotherapy and head radiation can darken teeth as well.

    Trauma. If you’ve injured your mouth, the trauma could cause your tooth or teeth to darken.  That’s because a tooth reacts to trauma by laying down more dentin.

    Will Whitening Work On My Teeth?

    Whether your teeth are good candidates for whitening can be determined at your consultation at our office.

    A couple of factors could affect the ultimate success of the whitening, such as the current shade of your teeth. Yellow teeth tend to bleach well. Gray-looking teeth don’t do as well.

    Keep in mind that whitening won’t work on veneers, crowns, or fillings. In that case, you may want to make sure you match up the shade of the teeth you’re bleaching to the shade of the veneer or crown if they are in the front of the mouth. (We also offer veneers if you are interested. Just ask us about the details.)

    Your Whitening Choices

    You may have already tried an over-the-counter whitening treatment. In that case, you’ve discovered that they don’t work. That’s because they just don’t contain the same level of peroxide as professional-strength products do. Because of this, we recommend our professional Ultradent whitening products.

    If you want to have your teeth whitening done in a professional and long-lasting way, we offer:

    In-Office Professional Whitening

    With our in-office teeth whitening system, we use a chemically activated gel that can help you achieve a bright white smile in less than an hour! That comes in handy if someone has sprung some big event on you or you were told that you have to do a business presentation without much notice. The process is completely safe and you’ll get amazing results in a short time.

    Take-Home Whitening Treatments

    Many of our patients prefer our take-home whitening treatment for a number of reasons. It’s more convenient, more affordable, and offers the same results the in-office treatment does.

    Take-home treatment does take longer to work. Even then, most patients find that it only takes about two to three weeks to see results. The take-home whitening treatment has another benefit: Since it whitens just a little bit at a time, you can choose what shade of white you want.

    If you decide on the take-home option, we’ll fit you with custom whitening trays and a supply of whitening gel that you will add to the trays before you insert them into your mouth.

    We have four different product strengths, which can affect the wear times, in our whitening gels. The requirement might be that you wear the tray 30 minutes a day or overnight, depending on the strength.

    Chances are that one of our whitening options will be just what you’re looking for. Give us a call at one of our offices nearest you (Hagerstown, 240-347-0910; Frederick, 240-513-7523; Ellicott City, 240-347-0614) or use our handy online appointment scheduler. Talk to our team today to find out more!

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