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The Quiet Dangers Of Untreated Sleep Apnea

  • May 9, 2017
  • When you snore from time to time, it’s most likely no big deal. People are rarely quiet when they sleep, so as long as it’s not happening all the time, your snoring is okay. It’s when you find yourself snoring almost every night that you could have a problem with sleep apnea.

    Call any of our Maryland locations (Frederick at 240-513-7523, Hagerstown at 240-347-0910, or Ellicott City at 240-347-0614) to schedule sleep apnea treatment. Our dentists are trained to offer an oral appliance that can relieve sleep apnea without a noisy CPAP machine.

    Sleep Apnea Goes Beyond Snoring

    Although there are a few different kinds of sleep apnea, most people with this condition have obstructive sleep apnea. Here’s what happens:

    • As you fall asleep, your muscles relax. But the muscles in your throat relax so much that their weight begins to push down in your windpipe.
    • As your windpipe closes, the air rushing through it makes you snore loudly.
    • Eventually, your windpipe closes completely and you stop breathing!
    • You wake up in a panic, but then those muscles tense back up and you can breathe again.
    • Since you’re not technically awake, you fall back asleep — but then the snoring and breathing problems begin again.

    When you have sleep apnea, you could be doing this cycle over 200 times each night. That means you are never truly getting a good night’s rest that your body and mind need.

    Untreated Sleep Apnea Dangers

    Sometimes, people try to ignore their sleep apnea and hope it all goes away on its own. That almost never happens and can lead to some dangerous problems.


    It’s normal to be a bit cranky when you haven’t gotten enough sleep. Try staying up all night and see how your mood is the next day. But with sleep apnea, you’re rarely getting the sleep you need. You start by getting irritable, but eventually, that will transform into depression.

    By calling our Maryland dental offices today, you can be one step closer to getting the sleep you need to avoid irritability and depression.


    Because you’re not breathing right with sleep apnea, your body isn’t getting the oxygen it needs. There’s still some in your blood, which is why your heart begins to pump faster and harder. It’s trying to push what oxygen you have to where your body needs it. That extra stress on your heart comes when it really should be resting.

    To avoid this kind of heart disease, call Gilbart Dental Care today and make an appointment for sleep apnea treatment. With an oral appliance to use at night, your body can get back to getting the oxygen it needs — and your heart can get the rest it needs.


    When your heart is working harder to pump blood and oxygen through your body, that also puts extra stress on your veins and arteries. Again, this is the time when you should be giving your body time to rest and heal, not work harder. Sleep apnea is linked with high blood pressure this way.

    Help avoid hypertension from sleep apnea by calling any of our three Maryland locations for sleep apnea treatment. An oral appliance worn over your teeth at night can keep your windpipe open so your blood vessels can rest at night.


    When you’re exhausted doe to sleep apnea, it’s hard to stay focused. That can get you in some trouble at work or school when you fall asleep in the middle of something. But when you’re in a car, that can be disastrous. Even just a few moments where you’re not paying attention to the road can get you in a serious accident.

    That’s why calling Gilbart Dental Care is so important. Our dentists can help determine if you really have sleep apnea, then offer you the oral appliance you need to help get some sleep at night.

    Call any of our Maryland locations (Frederick at 240-513-7523, Hagerstown at 240-347-0910, or Ellicott City at 240-347-0614) to schedule your appointment for sleep apnea treatment. Our dentists are highly trained at identifying and treating your sleep apnea so you can finally get the rest you need.

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