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Who Can You Call In A Dental Emergency?

  • June 23, 2016
  • You are watching your daughter playing in a high school volleyball match. You can’t help noticing how hard the other team’s hitters are pounding the ball during warm-ups.

    The first game was close but the other team got the win. You are hoping your daughter’s team will turn it around.

    A spike slams into the floor in spite of your daughter’s valiant attempt to dig it out. The bounce slams straight into her face, and she immediately grabs her mouth.

    The coach checks on her, and then you can see him searching the crowd. He waves you down after making eye contact.

    One of your daughter’s teeth has been knocked loose. The match seems less important now that you have a dental emergency to deal with.

    Would you know what to do?

    You can start by calling the dentists at Gilbart Dental Care at the nearest location:

    If you are calling during our regular hours, we will make every effort to see you that day. If you are calling after our regular hours, listen for the number on our answering machine so we can make arrangements to help you as soon as possible.

    Dealing With The Lost Tooth

    You will need to do a bit of dental first aid in most situations that call for emergency dental care.

    In the situation mentioned above, you first want to try to find the tooth. If it’s possible to see a dentist quickly, you may be able to save it.

    You want to pick up the tooth by the crown. Avoid touching the root if possible. You will want to rinse the tooth to remove any blood and dirt. Your daughter should rinse her mouth as well to clean any blood.

    You may need gauze to apply pressure to the area and to soak up blood until the bleeding  stops.

    If possible, place the tooth back in its socket. If it will stay there, leave it in place until you are able to get to our office.

    If the tooth falls out or won’t stay in place, then you should place it in a container of milk. This will help the roots survive longer.

    Once you get to our office, we will try to place and secure the tooth if we can. However, it may be necessary to replace the tooth if the injury is too serious.

    Handling Other Emergency Situations

    Dental emergencies don’t happen on a predictable schedule.

    You can keep some supplies handy to deal with them if one should arise, however. Here’s some suggestions for what to keep in your emergency dental kit:

    ▸ Latex or vinyl gloves — It’s important to protect yourself to prevent coming in contact with someone else’s blood.

    ▸ Dental floss — Hopefully, you already have this because you are using it to floss every day (right?). If you have pain in your tooth, the first step should be to use dental floss to try to remove anything that might be stuck.

    Sometimes dislodging a food particle is enough to alleviate the pain. If this doesn’t help, then you’ll know the problem is more serious.

    ▸ Gauze — As we mentioned above, gauze can be used to clean someone’s mouth. The gauze can soak up blood as well.

    Another use for gauze is covering a broken tooth, which may have a sharp edge or point. Gauze or dental wax can be used to cover the broken tooth to reduce the risk of accidental cuts to the lips, cheeks, or tongue.

    ▸ Pain reliever — Some dental emergencies hurt. Taking some medicine can alleviate that pain.

    One thing to remember is that you should never hold aspirin in your mouth. Aspirin can burn the soft tissues of your mouth, with will only make the problem worse.

    ▸ Cold pack — This is another way to deal with the pain of an oral injury. Applying cold to the affected area can numb the pain and reduce swelling.

    Be Ready To Act

    If you or someone you love ever needs emergency dental care, be ready to act. Have the supplies that you need in a dental first aid kit at your home, and call Gilbart Dental Care as soon as you are able.

    Here are the numbers for each of our offices one more time:

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