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Hagerstown Dental Office Adds Noninvasive Laser Treatment

  • August 29, 2016
  • HAGERSTOWN, MD – Two northern Maryland dentists recently implemented a new laser treatment to give patients comfortable and noninvasive restorative treatments.

    Drs. Jonathan and Lucy Gilbart, who operate Gilbart Dental Care, recently added the AMD Picasso+ diode laser to their Frederick practice location. The soft-tissue laser is most commonly used to evaporate infections in the gums and can be used as an alternative to invasive traditional gum surgery, which involves scalpels and sutures.

    “Gum disease is a serious medical problem that can lead to rampant tooth loss, and until laser therapy, patients had to endure stressful and often painful treatments,” Dr. Jonathan Gilbart said. “We’re happy to treat patients’ gum disease issues with a more comfortable option that has been proven to decrease recovery time.”

    About 75 percent of Americans will struggle with gum disease at some point in their lives. While gum disease can cause teeth to fail, it’s also been linked to serious medical issues like heart disease and diabetes. Using the laser treatment, Drs. Gilbart can stop the gum infection before it spreads throughout the mouth or causes the tooth to fail.

    A soft-tissue laser can be used for gum disease treatment, gum reshaping, frenectomy or frenotomy, or even treatment of canker sores. The laser treatment can also be used during implant surgeries or to whiten teeth.

    “I’m very excited about all of the new and enhanced services we can offer to our patients with the Picasso+ diode laser,” Dr. Jonathan Gilbart said. “In particular, I love that we can now provide minimally invasive dental implant surgery in many cases with improved outcomes, less discomfort and quicker healing.”

    Gilbart Dental Care has been a fixture in the Hagerstown community since 2001. The practice is operated by husband and wife dental team Dr. Jonathan Gilbart and Dr. Lucy Gilbart. The practice treats patients of all ages and has three convenient locations in Hagerstown, Frederick and Ellicott City.

    Drs. Gilbart have put a focus on restorative and orthodontic procedures. They can provide dental implant services for patients who are struggling with missing teeth or even clear orthodontic services for patients with alignment issues. The team uses Invisalign, which is virtually invisible, to help patients correct their crooked teeth. The doctors have found that Invisalign is a great tool for busy professionals who do not want to deal with traditional orthodontics.

    Dr. Jonathan Gilbart graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in biology and minor in chemistry and earned his dental degree from Howard University College of Dentistry. Before he went to dental school, Dr. Gilbart became a medical technologist at Fairfax Hospital in Virginia. He continues to search for continuing education opportunities every year and has a passion for helping patients overcome their crooked teeth. He has completed the Progressive Orthodontics Seminar series and is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry and the International Dental Implant Association.

    Dr. Lucy Gilbart, originally from China, has blended her love of art and oral care into dentistry. She moved to Maryland when she was 14 and earned a Bachelor of Arts in biochemistry from Hood College. Before earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Howard University College of Dentistry, Dr. Lucy Gilbart became a certified medical technologist at Fairfax Hospital in Virginia. She has taken extensive continuing education in the areas of orthodontics — with an emphasis on Invisalign — and sleep apnea oral appliances.

    Gilbart Dental Care works with patients of all dental needs, whether it’s restoring a cavity or restoring someone’s entire mouth. Patients can resolve their missing teeth or gum disease issues by visiting the website www.gilbartdental.com.

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