If you are visiting a dental office for the first time in many years or simply want to better acquaint yourself with the way we do things here at Gilbart Dental Care, you have come to the right place. On this page, we will discuss what you can expect when you visit one of our dental office for the first time. We will also talk about the general dentistry services we offer and how they can help you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our dental cleanings and dental exams Maryland team. We will be delighted to assist you!

What To Expect

Entering a new dental office for the first time can be an intimidating experience. At Gilbart Dental Care, we work hard to make you feel welcome and at ease. When you step into our check-in area, we will greet you with a warm smile. We will ask you to fill out some new patient forms and then you’ll wait for your name to be called. We work hard to respect our patients’ time by being as punctual as possible.

You can also expect us to help you work out your payment options. We verify insurance ahead of time and can help set you up with any financing you may need. Feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns about paying for your dental care.

Dental Exams and Screenings

Once your name is called and we are ready to begin your appointment, we will walk you through a variety of screenings and dental exams. We will first take some X-rays and panoramic images. These  photos will help us get a good idea of your current dental situation. We will also perform a visual exam and an oral cancer screening. From these dental examinations, we will be able to diagnose any existing issues and determine how we can help.

We will discuss our findings and talk to you about your dental treatment options. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have during this time.

Dental Cleanings

During your visit, we will perform a dental cleaning. The cleaning will be performed by our hygienist or one of our doctors. We know that this is a little bit unorthodox, but our doctors love spending time with our patients and getting to know them! We can use this time to learn a little bit more about you as well as make sure your teeth and gums are sparkling clean!

Nonsurgical Gum Disease Treatment

One of the major things we search for during a new patient visit (or any visit, really!) is gum disease. Many of the patients who visit our office for the first time are suffering from early stages of this disease, known as gingivitis. Most people don’t even know they have it! Signs of gum disease are swollen, red, tender, or bleeding gums, chronic bad breath, and loose or shifting teeth.

We can offer safe, nonsurgical gum disease treatment right here in our office. In fact, sometimes all it takes to get rid of gum disease is a regular dental cleanings! When the case is a little bit more extensive, we can use a process called scaling and root planing to eradicate the infection. Talk to our team if you think you have gum disease.

Make An Appointment

Schedule an appointment by contacting our dental cleanings and dental exams Maryland team. You can reach our Frederick dental office at (240) 772-5643. You can reach our Hagerstown dental office at (240) 949-7453. You can also use our online form to send us a message.